Marlon Lutz earned his B.S. in Chemistry at Loyola University Chicago in 2007, having been awarded an NSF REU to study at Loyola.  He then completed his Thesis M.S. with Honors 2009.   He completed his Masters alongside full-time employment at Regis Technologies in Morton Grove, IL, where he has been working since May of 2007.  Marlon has been successful with a number of different project, including studying the supramolecular scaffolds CTV, CTTV, and N3-CTV, including studying the Saddle-Crown equilibrium of CTV derivatives, and discovering the Tandem Beckmann reaction.  Marlon has been a mentor of a number of undergraduate students, and he served as a judge at the 8th Annual Chicago Area Undergraduate Research Symposium (CAURS).  He is a co-author on seven publications and is named as co-inventor on two separate patent applications.  He is currently finishing up his Ph.D. research and preparing to write his dissertation.

Tahirah Heath earned her B.S. in Chemistry from Clark Atlanta University where she was honored with an NSF-funded internship to perform research with Professor Conrad Ingram characterizing nanoporous inorganic-organic hybrid materials, work which she presented at a conference hosted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).  Tahirah has mentored a number of undergraduates, and is synthesizing inhibitors of DapE and NDM-1 to function as new antibiotics and adjuvants, as well as her excellent work developing a new assay for measuring inhibition of DapE.  She will be presenting her work at the upcoming 2016 National ACS meeting in San Diego.  Tahirah is a co-inventor on a patent application describing new antibiotics, and is co-author of several publications in preparation.


Cory Reidl earned his B.S. in Chemistry with Cum Laude honors at Quincy University where he performed research on meta-carborane dendrimers with Dr. Hosmane at NIU and earned authorship on a publication in Organometallics [2012, 31, 2931-2935], and he is recognized as a co-inventor on two U.S. patent applications disclosing new antibiotics and adjuvants.  Cory has mentored a number of undergraduate students, and his research is focused on designing and synthesizing new inhibitors of dimetalloproteases including NDM-1 and DapE, guided by molecular modeling and docking, as well as preparing transition-state mimetics to inhibit lactonase enzymes involved in quorum sensing.


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Thahani Shifna Habeeb Mohammad